Hosting with Race Week Rentals

We want you to have the best experience renting out your property for Race Week. As experienced hosts ourselves we have put together the right package to ensure a smooth experience for you and your guests.


Here are just some of the reasons why Race Week Rentals can offer you more:


  • Personalised service - finding you the right guests for your property is key to your peace of mind. This is exactly where RaceWeekRentals can help.

  • Optimised Listing - We can help dress and photograph your property to show it at its best; helping you to get the perfect match for your property.

  • Additional services - moving out of your home for 5 nights might seem like a lot of work, but let us show you how easy (and productive) a Spring clean for your home can be!

    • Cleaning

    • Storage

    • Insurance

Top Questions For Hosts

Where do I store my things?
Getting paid to give your house a Spring Clean is a real bonus of renting it out for Race Week. When else would you get the opportunity (or motivation) to really go through your things and ask if you still need them? For those things you do want to keep, then we suggest storing them away in a secure room or cupboard. Remember you guests are only visiting for a week, so they won't need as much space as yourself. We tend to leave 1 cupboard or hanging rail per room for them to use during their stay.
How much could I make?
The main driver for Race Week pricing is the number of guests you can host and your location. Simply put, the closer to the racecourse you are the higher fees you can charge.
Why would any want to rent my home?
During raceweek over 80,000 people travel to Cheltenham. There are simply not enough hotel rooms. However many of our guests prefer the privacy and space of a house compared to a hotel.
How do you differ from other rental companies?
First of all we specialise in whole home rentals. We also offer a different fee structure
How much do you charge?
Our unique approach to hosting allows us to offer very competitve fees. You are paying for us to match your property with the right group of people and secure your booking. But we don't believe you should pay the same year after year

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